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Save money and your time with New Zealand SIMS

Using a prepaid SIM in New Zealand and Fiji is becoming increasingly popular among international tourists due to the substantial savings and ease of use it provides. Instead of paying exorbitant roaming fees or wasting time trying to locate a local SIM provider once you arrive, you can activate your travel SIM Card the moment you land in one of these breathtaking locations and be connected the whole time.

Connect with the people back home easily

Prepaid New Zealand Travel SIM Cards can be purchased before leaving your home country, allowing you to jump right into using local services once you arrive in New Zealand. Connecting to the network is simple, allowing you to chat with loved ones back home quickly. Your SIM card will work in a variety of networks in several different countries.

Save money and make calls normally 

You can make calls as if you were at home, saving you up to 90% compared to standard roaming rates. Get a Prepaid New Zealand SIM card before you leave, and you may use your mobile phone just like a local while you're out seeing the sights.

Quick activation 

When you arrive in NZ, install the SIM into your handset. Any time your phone is in range of a cellular network, the SIM card will automatically activate. Unused New Zealand SIM cards will remain valid indefinitely. Your New Zealand SIM card already has a New Zealand phone number. If you look at the back of your SIM card, you'll see your 10-digit phone number.

Use the internet or roam data freely without worrying our additional costs

Fast data connections are available nationwide, from Auckland to Invercargill, when you purchase a New Zealand SIM card and activate your phone. New Zealand SIM cards will keep you connected, so you can do things like hail an Uber, find your way to the hotel and share photos from your breathtaking morning trek with friends and family back home.

Providing high coverage to travelers

The coverage of our New Zealand SIM cards extends to all of New Zealand. Every SIM card is loaded with free minutes, texts, and data for use in New Zealand. A decent rule of thumb is to allow a minimum of 500MB - 1GB of data per day, though this will vary depending on the length of your trip and your specific data usage needs. By doing so, you can rest assured that you'll have adequate coverage for the essentials like sending and receiving emails, using social media, surfing the web, and using GPS.

Put your mind to ease by choosing our New Zealand SIM cards 

You may keep others apprised of your whereabouts and any modifications to your itinerary. Please put your mind at ease knowing that our NZ SIM card for travel will only cost you the SIM package price, as opposed to the potentially astronomical roaming charges that other carriers may impose. Prepaid SIM Cards from SimPower are highly affordable, come with no hidden fees or risks, and a full money-back guarantee.